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Cot Organiser

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Color – Blush

Introducing our Vegan Leather Cot Organiser: stylish, versatile, and practical. Keep essentials close by and neatly stored in this sleek organiser, crafted from High-Quality Vegan Leather that will grow with your child from newborn into early childhood.

Perfect for cot, bassinet, or car, it offers limitless storage for toys, nappies, wipes, and more. It adds a touch of luxury to any nursery or travel setup. Say goodbye to clutter with effortless organisation. Experience convenience and quality with our Vegan Leather Cot Organiser today!



- Crafted from 100% double-sided premium vegan leather for a luxurious feel and durability.
- Water and stain-resistant properties ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Easy to clean using a baby wipe or a small amount of gentle cleaner with a damp cloth.
- Made with non-toxic materials to prioritise the safety of your little one.
- Dimensions (external): 34cm L x 18cm H x 6cm W, providing ample storage space.
- Strap length of 64cm, perfect for tying bows and adding a charming touch to the overall look.

Caring for your item

- Wipe down the vegan leather surface with a damp cloth, wet one or paper towel.
- Do not use products that contain acid or chlorine on the vegan organiser.
- Ensure the organiser is completely dry before storing away.
- Lay flat or hang to dry
- Do not soak, bleach, iron or tumble dry.
- Avoid permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anything with a heavy dye, and some mineral sunscreen’s as they may stain.
Wipe down the vegan leather surface with a damp cloth, wet one or paper towel
- Do not use products which contain acid or chlorine on the vegan playmat
- Ensure the playmat is completely dry before storing away
- Lay flat or hang to dry
- Do not soak, bleach, iron or tumble dry
- To get rid of wrinkles on the vegan leather playmat place the mat in the sun or hang when not in use. 
- General use of the playmat will also decrease the wrinkles
- Avoid permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anyth

Installation Guide

Attaching your Vegan Leather Cot Organiser to your cot or bassinet is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure a secure and reliable attachment:

- Positioning: Choose the desired location on the side of the cot or bassinet where you want to attach the cot organiser. It's typically convenient to place it within arm's reach for easy access.
- Orientation: Hold the cot organiser with the opening facing outward and the straps at the back.
Loop Placement: Insert the straps through the cot or bassinet bars from the outside to the inside. Ensure that the straps are evenly spaced and aligned with the desired position.
- Fastening: Once the straps are inserted through the bars, bring them back over the top of the cot organiser to the outside. Secure the straps by fastening them together and fastening them to the back of the cot organiser out of babies reach.
- Adjustments: Check the tightness of the attachment to ensure stability. Make any necessary adjustments by tightening or loosening the straps as needed. The cot organiser should be securely fastened to prevent it from coming loose.
- Verify Stability: Gently tug on the cot organiser to ensure it is firmly attached and does not shift or slide. Confirm that it is secure and stable before placing any items inside.

Safety is always a priority

- This product should be inspected for signs of damage & wear

Leather Guide

Discover the secrets to maintaining the beauty of your new vegan leather goods! Our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights on cleaning, storage, and common concerns. Learn how to protect your items from harsh chemicals, moisture, and creases. Avoid permanent markers, heavy dyes, and mineral sunscreens that may cause stains. By following our expert recommendations, you'll preserve the charm and longevity of your vegan leather goods. Join us on a journey of care and preservation to keep your treasures looking stunning for years to come. Explore OUR GUIDE now and unlock the knowledge to care for your beloved vegan leather goods.

Colour and Image Guide

Please take a moment to have a read of our Colour and Image Guide by clicking HERE.

This guide contains important information about how colours and images are represented on our website and promotional materials. We make every effort to provide accurate visuals of our products; however, please be aware that slight variations may occur due to factors beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding and are available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we strive to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

Vegan Leather Cot Organiser- Blush - Luca and Co Collective
Vegan Leather Cot Organiser- Blush - Luca and Co Collective
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser
Cot Organiser