Hi, I'm Katherine the founder of Luca & Co Collective.

The path to motherhood has been a challenging one for me. It was a journey filled with obstacles and uncertainties, far from what I had initially envisioned. Dealing with infertility issues and undergoing numerous rounds of IVF, my longing to become a mother only grew stronger. I found myself daydreaming about nurseries, names, schools, creating Pinterest boards, and so much more. These dreams fueled my love for our brand, as I envisioned a future where I could use our beautiful, bespoke, handpicked items for my own little dream.

Our prayers were finally answered when we were blessed with our miracle, Louie, followed by another blessing, our princess Ziggy. I am grateful every single day for these beautiful miracles that have exceeded all my expectations. However, on my journey through motherhood, I found myself in a new phase of life that I had longed for, yet felt lost, unsupported, and lacking in knowledge. Despite the differences in my experiences with both children, I found myself grappling with the same emotions.

From this realisation, a new dream was born—to create exquisite, personalized items that offer education and support for this sacred journey we are all undertaking. Motherhood is life-changing and incredibly challenging. That's why Luca & Co Collective is here to provide you with support, empower you to be the best version of yourself, and offer education for both you and your little ones.