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Vegan Leather Quilted Playmat- Nude

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Our Luca & Co Vegan Leather Quilted Playmats are the perfect addition to your household. These mats are so versatile that they have so many uses for indoor and outdoor use, little ones playtime, nappy free time, splat mat under a high chair, perfect activity play mat for your little one, mess mat for all those sensory activities or even take with you to the park or beach for a picnic!

Made from 100% high-quality vegan leather they are non-toxic and gentle on your little one’s skin. Featuring a soft padded foam interior with vegan leather on both sides makes it the perfect staple piece for any little accidents happen along the way while also being water-resistant and durable.

Coming with a portable and sustainable canvas bag is just a little extra for you, take your vegan leather playmat with you while being stylish or reuse the bag for extra storage for your little one’s toys.

Storing your vegan leather play mat is a breeze as they are so lightweight it makes transporting them easy. Transferring them from room to room is so easy with them being able to be folded up and stored anywhere at any time.

Discover the secrets to maintaining the beauty of your new vegan leather goods! Our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights on cleaning, storage, and common concerns. Learn how to protect your items from harsh chemicals, moisture, and creases. Avoid permanent markers, heavy dyes, and mineral sunscreens that may cause stains. By following our expert recommendations, you'll preserve the charm and longevity of your vegan leather goods. Join us on a journey of care and preservation to keep your treasures looking stunning for years to come. Explore OUR GUIDE now and unlock the knowledge to care for your beloved vegan leather goods.

Why we love our Vegan Leather Quilted Playmat:

  • Made from 100% high-quality vegan leather
  • Featuring a soft padded foam interior
  • Dimensions 120 cm x 120 cm
  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with a portable and sustainable canvas bag
Caring for your item

- Wipe down the vegan leather surface with a damp cloth, wet one or paper towel
- Do not use products which contain acid or chlorine on the vegan playmat
- Ensure the playmat is completely dry before storing away
- Lay flat or hang to dry
- Do not soak, bleach, iron or tumble dry
- To get rid of wrinkles on the vegan leather playmat place the mat in the sun or hang when not in use.
- General use of the playmat will also decrease the wrinkles
- Avoid permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anything with a heavy dye, some mineral sunscreen’s as they may stain

Safety is always a priority

- This product should be inspected for signs of damage & wear

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Vegan Leather Quilted Playmat- Nude - Luca and Co Collective
Vegan Leather Quilted Playmat- Nude - Luca and Co Collective